Guide to Buying Property

At Foundation Estates we are geared to help you get ahead of competition, we don’t only rely on what Rightmove, Zoopla, Prime Location and on the Market have to offer, we bring you off market properties and properties before they go to auction. Our portfolio of off market properties ranges from Flats, Houses, Commercial Spaces, care homes, Hotels these are
scattered across Central London and other parts of the country.

We take time to get to know you, your requirements and then help you find what best meets your needs and suits your aspirations.

Once you register with us you will receive previews of properties on and off the market through our email alerts and you will be contacted regularly by our property experts.

1. How much can you afford?

Before starting your search understand clearly how much you have available, have a mortgage agreed in principle.
We can recommend 3rd party mortgage brokers who we work with, they are geared to offer you exclusive deals and rates

2. Are you selling too?

If your move involves sale of your current home, we advise you to advertise your home first before you start looking for a new home.

3. Find the Right Property

As we have you as a registered buyer and have all your requirements in hand we will filter what is sent across to you, we will do this before they are put on the market if it fits your requirement.

4. Viewings

Book your viewing with us by email, whatsap or online via the website. We will always confirm a booking withing 24 hours of your request.

Use your viewing time with us to get an understanding of the property and surrounding area to see if it all fully matches your requirement.

5. Instruct a Solicitor

A successful sale depends on the expertise, speed and efficiency of your solicitor. We have solicitors we can recommend to you.

6. Making an offer

If you have found the property you want you can now convey your offer by email or online. We will then speak with the seller and once offer is accepted we will respond.

Send us your detailed offer, including required time scales and special requests you may have.

At this point you will need to provide the evidence of mortgage in principle and solicitor details.

7. Offer accepted

Once offer is accepted
We will prepare memorandum of sale on your behalf, this will confirm the agreed price with all parties as well as solicitor and mortgage details.

Solicitor will proceed with conveyancing process and mortgage broker with application.

Having a single point of contact – Your account manager at Foundation Estates will help ease your stress and help with successful closure of the sale.

8. Conveyancing

As part of this process your solicitor will do the following

Raise inquiries on receipt of a draft contract from sellers solicitor
Request their local searches
Agree on date of exchange

9. Survey and Mortgage Offer

Mortgage lender will have a surveyour identify any structural problems and advise on property values.

After this report is received a formal mortgage offer will be sent to you and your solicitor which you then need to sign.

There is no legal obligation till contract is signed.

10. Exchange of Contracts

This occurs when all inquiries have been confirmed and agreed

Once contract has been signed by both parties a 10% deposit will be transferred online or paid in the form of a bankers draft.

Completion date is agreed mutually.

11. Completion

Completion is when residual monies are transferred from your solicitors account to the sellers solicitors account.

Keys are released once the keys are cleared in sellers account.

Congratulations you are now a legal owner of a home.